Company Registration Services



FocusCore provide a full registration and incorporation service for you to register your business entity using the structure best suited to your current and future requirements. The advice we provide is based on multiple elements. These include our knowledge of the national registration rules, current legislation and tax laws, our view on potential future changes, your current situation, your industry sector, your proposed turnover and or your special requirements.

Registration options include:

  • Registration of a Sole Proprietorship
  • Registration of a Private Limited Company
  • Registration of a Limited Liability Partnership
  • Registration of a Limited Partnership
  • Registration of a Foreign Company Affiliate – e.g. a regional office
  • Registration of a non-profit organisation

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. As a summary guide we outline, below some key differences.

Sole Proprietorship

This is a business owned by one person or one company. There are no partners, and the owner, the sole-proprietor has sole control on the management of the activity.

Private Company

This is registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50 and has a legal identity with rights to own property. The entity can be sued or can sue. In Singapore you will recognise a company entity when it has the words ‘Pte Ltd’ or ‘Ltd’ after the company name.

Limited Liability Partnership

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) provides options to work as a partnership while also providing a separate legal identity.

Limited Partnership

A new entity was recently made available called A Limited Partnership (LP). This must have two partners one of which is a general partner and at least one limited partner. Note: This entity does not have a separate legal entity from the partners.